outsider art:

outsider art: any work of art produced by an untrained artist who is typically unconnected to the conventional art world—not by choice but by circumstance.

The characterization of the artists who create outsider art were socially or culturally marginal figures.

These people nevertheless produced—out of adversity and with no eye on fame or fortune—substantial high-quality artistic oeuvres.


These works are from musician activist and artist Tim Kerr.


These works are from street artist Brian “Bydeeman” Joseph.




Kinshasha Conwill

759.1 T344

Extraordinary Interpretations : Florida’s self-taught artists

Gary Monroe

709.759 MONROE

The preference for the primitive

H. Gombrich

700.4145 GOMBRICH 2006

Outsider Art

Roger Cardinal


American Self-Taught

Frank Maresca

709.73 M325a

Drawing the city

Behan, Teju

759.95 BEHAN




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