Frida Kahlo



Frida Kahlo’s name first broke the scene when Madonna heavily invested in her art. Kahlo was a Mexican painter whose art did not fit any convenient movement of the time; not even the current Surrealism.  No one was like Kahlo. She  had a sad story as a physically challenged woman. She broke her back and was confined to her bed for years. She continued to paint in her reclined position. Instead of the pitiful invalid, Kahlo’s self-portraits show her strength, her sense of humor and her pain. She was married to the famous muralist and philanderer, Diego Rivera, whose murals thematically included the power of the people and political uprisings.

Frida Kahlo: the painter and her work

Prignitz-Poda, Helga.


Frida Kahlo: the paintings

Herrera, Hayden.

759.972 K12h 1993

The letters of Frida Kahlo: cartas apasionadas

Kahlo, Frida.

759.972 KAHLO

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera from the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection & 20th century Mexican art from the Stanley and Pearl Goodman Collection




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